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Open The Treasure Chest And Discover The Unique Approach That Bespoke Jewellery Will Bring To Your Life!

From Vision to Reality: Crafting Xesca's Bespoke Diamond Treasure

Meet Xesca, who approached us with a bespoke request for an intricately designed ring, referencing a complex pattern set with around 218 small round diamonds. With over 20 years of experience, our dedicated customer service ensured her vision was understood. Despite the complexity, our skilled artisans crafted the ring in just 15 days, and now, in Spain, Xesca possesses a timeless treasure reflecting her unique style.

Transforming Visions with The Perfect Custom Engagement Ring

A proposal is a momentous occasion, and our custom engagement rings are designed to make it even more extraordinary. From traditional elegance to modern marvels, our team of passionate designers collaborates with you to create the perfect ring that symbolizes your love story.

The Fine Jewelry Experience

Each meticulously crafted piece, imbued with the timeless beauty of precious metals and dazzling gemstones, transcends faddish trends to become an intimate extension of oneself. Whether empowering individual expression with subtle elegance or marking life's significant milestones with radiant brilliance, fine jewelry serves as a tangible testament to one's unique journey.

Crafting the Perfect Ring

Our dedication to perfection is evident in every engagement ring we create. Whether you're drawn to classic solitaires or intricate designs, our artisans ensure that each ring is a manifestation of your love and commitment.


The Heart of London’s Artistic Scene

Immerse yourself in the heart of creativity by exploring our collections inspired by the vibrant city of London. Our designs capture the essence of this artistic hub, bringing a touch of passion and sophistication to your jewellery.

A Personal Touch: Adding Value To Relationships with Our Clients

At Emerald Whisper Jewellery, we value building lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that building a strong bond with people by giving them the time and effort they deserve is what gives real value to any business or enterprise

Emerald and Platinum Bespoke Earrings

Platinum and Beyond: Exploring Metal Options

Discover the diverse range of metal options, including platinum 18k and 14k gold, to find the perfect setting for your jewellery. Our commitment to offering a variety of metals ensures that your piece is as unique as your style.

The Gift of Art: Treasures for Every Occasion

Emerald Whisper Jewellery go beyond crafting jewellery; we craft dreams. Our commitment to bespoke design, fine craftsmanship, and client relationships ensures that each piece is not just an accessory but a reflection of your unique style and story. Explore our world of creativity and let us be a part of your journey to self-expression and timeless elegance.

Why Starting a Bespoke Jewellery Process With Us.

Curated Materials for Timeless Elegance

Craft your legacy with gems that whisper stories. Our bespoke service curates ethically sourced, certified natural gemstones, each with a unique, timeless elegance. We collaborate with you to forge pieces that transcend trends, becoming treasured heirlooms for generations. Let's weave your vision into reality, one exquisite stone at a time.

Discover the Creative Process

At Emerald Whisper Jewellery, the creative process of crafting bespoke jewelry is an artful journey that transforms visions into tangible elegance. Each piece is meticulously curated, ensuring it is truly one of a kind. The journey begins with a personal consultation, where clients share their dreams and desires. The artisans at Emerald Whisper meticulously select precious stones, including radiant emeralds and dazzling diamonds, to weave into the tapestry of uniqueness. The result is a future heirloom, a timeless masterpiece destined to be cherished for generations. The atelier, a haven of creativity, is where skilled craftsmen skillfully mold and shape the metals, infusing life into the designs. Every visit to the shop is a glimpse into the alchemy of turning stones and metals into bespoke rings, creating not just jewelry but a narrative that transcends time and celebrates the allure of precious stones.

Unlocking Individuality with Bespoke Jewellery

In a world filled with mass-produced accessories, bespoke jewellery stands as a beacon of individuality. At Emerald Whisper Jewellery, we understand the desire for something one of a kind, a piece that tells a unique story. Our personalised service for bespoke pieces is a celebration of personal style, where every design encapsulates the essence of its wearer.

Crafting with Precision and Passion

Every piece of jewellery from Emerald Whisper is meticulously crafted by our team of skilled artisans. The combination of precision and passion ensures that each creation is not just an accessory but a work of art.

Materials Matter: The Essence of Craftsmanship

Dive into the world of materials that form the backbone of our craftsmanship. From 14K and 18K gold to natural gemstones, we source the finest materials to create jewellery that is not only beautiful but also enduring.

Worldwide Shipping for Your Convenience

No matter where you are, our commitment to delivering the perfect piece remains unwavering. Benefit from our worldwide shipping options and experience the joy of receiving your bespoke jewellery at your doorstep.

Merci d'avoir respecté les délais promis pour la livraison d'un bijou d'excellente qualité à Paris..... Félicitations et  je n'hésiterai pas à te choisir la prochaine fois.

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What Our Customers Say

Very satisfyed, the best service and the price and size are perfect

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

Got a custom made ring and I had a pleasant process from choosing the stone to the design to the finished product. Amazing service and high quality product!!!

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

Amazing quality!! Took little to no time after my order to receive it! Extremely happy with the service and the quality of the product will definitely order again in the future!

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

Thanks! All was perfect, we loved the ring design and your attention and patience has no price. My future wife is also very excited. Thank you.

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

It was perfect. Easy and clear and also the shipping to France was pretty fast, more than I thought it. Thank you. And for sure I'll be here a next time for something else.

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

I am very impressed with the excellent customer service and I also appreciate the fast shipping and great care taken in packaging my order. It came to be a very nice ring at a very competitive price. I'm very much looking forward to making future purchases at

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

It was a pleasure to make my ring with Emerald Whisper Jewelry, the prices are great, Mauricio was very attentive during the whole process and I really adore my ring every day, thank you so much!

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

Thank you! Arrived today. Quality of the emerald better than expected. Very happy with the quality and workmanship. Very pleased. Its beautiful! Highly recommend! Thank you so much

Google Trust for Emerald Whisper

What Our Customers Say

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