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  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
  • Marquise Emerald Necklace by Emerald Whisper
SKU: 342382

Marquise Emerald Necklace in Warm Rose Gold

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Discover the Seduction: A Marquise Emerald Necklace Round Up

The marquise emerald necklace has become a captivating choice for jewelry enthusiasts seeking a touch of elegance and vibrant color. This fresh, vibrant addition to any jewelry collection, featuring a marquise-cut emerald suspended from a delicate chain, offers a perfect combination of sophistication and modern minimalism. The necklace serves as a vibrant pop of color, adding an elegant and stunning burst to the collection of layering necklaces.


Finding Your Ideal Length: Chain Length Considerations


The cable chain length of your marquise emerald necklace plays a significant role in the overall look and feel. Cable chains, a popular choice, come in various lengths, allowing for customization. A shorter cable chain, around 16 inches, creates a delicate and understated look, while an 18-inch cable chain offers a more versatile option that complements various necklines.


Marquise Emerald: A Shape Steeped in History


The marquise cut, also known as the navette cut, boasts a boat-shaped form with pointed ends. This elegant shape, believed to have originated in 17th century France, was inspired by the smile of the Marquise de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV.


A Touch of Green: The Allure of the Marquise Emerald


Marquise emeralds, known for their vibrant green color and elongated form, add a touch of undeniable sophistication to any outfit. These captivating stones are a perfect way to incorporate a pop of color without overwhelming your look. Whether you prefer a deeper emerald green or a lighter, more vibrant hue, there's a marquise emerald necklace to suit your taste.


New Favorite Layering Necklaces


Marquise emerald necklaces are ideal for layering with other delicate pieces. Their minimalist design makes them perfect companions for other necklaces, creating a layered look that's both trendy and timeless. Consider pairing your marquise emerald necklace with dainty chains, pendant necklaces, or chokers for a personalized touch.


Beyond the Basics: Details that Make a Difference


Some marquise emerald necklaces feature additional details, such as milgrain detail, that elevate their beauty. Milgrain details, tiny beading along the metalwork, add a touch of vintage charm, while a halo of accent stones surrounding the emerald can enhance its brilliance. Note that these details, including the intricate milgrain detail, can slightly influence the price and overall style of the necklace.


Available in More Than Just Green: Stone and Metal Options


While emeralds are a classic choice, marquise-cut gemstones come in a variety of colors, such as sapphires, rubies, and even diamonds. The metal setting can also be customized, with 14k rose gold being a popular and flattering option for many skin tones. However, white gold and yellow gold are also available to create a different aesthetic.


Finding the Perfect Marquise Emerald Necklace: Considerations Before You Buy


Before purchasing your marquise emerald necklace, consider the size of the marquise cut (often measured in millimeters), the clarity and quality of the emerald, and the overall craftsmanship of the piece.


Looking for the Perfect Match? Additional Tips


Many retailers offer a wide selection of marquise emerald necklaces, making it easy to find the perfect piece for your style and budget. Look for retailers with clear descriptions, high-quality photos, and detailed information about the necklace's materials and construction.


Love at First Sight: Don't Let Delays Derail Your Dream Necklace


If you’ve found the perfect marquise emerald necklace, don’t hesitate to make your purchase! While some retailers may offer international shipping, be sure to factor in potential shipping delays and any applicable duties or taxes before placing your order. To ensure a smooth delivery process, we ship your marquise emerald necklace using trusted shipping methods, with estimated shipping times clearly communicated. Our comprehensive shipping process includes options for international and domestic delivery, ensuring your piece arrives safely and on time.


Grading Results Main Stone:


Stone Type: Natural Emerald

Shape: Marquise Mixed

Carat: 0.89 ct

Color: Green

Origin of Color: Natural

Clarity: Lightly Included


Jewelry Material: 14k Rose Gold

Total Carat Weight: 0.89 ct

Total Metal Weight: 1.68 gr

Size: 40 cm

*Gemological Properties Typical of Natural Emerald Gem from Colombia.

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Merci d'avoir respecté les délais promis pour la livraison d'un bijou d'excellente qualité à Paris..... Félicitations et  je n'hésiterai pas à te choisir la prochaine fois.

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Very satisfyed, the best service and the price and size are perfect

What Our Customers Say

Got a custom made ring and I had a pleasant process from choosing the stone to the design to the finished product. Amazing service and high quality product!!!

What Our Customers Say

Amazing quality!! Took little to no time after my order to receive it! Extremely happy with the service and the quality of the product will definitely order again in the future!

What Our Customers Say

Thanks! All was perfect, we loved the ring design and your attention and patience has no price. My future wife is also very excited. Thank you.

What Our Customers Say

It was perfect. Easy and clear and also the shipping to France was pretty fast, more than I thought it. Thank you. And for sure I'll be here a next time for something else.

What Our Customers Say

I am very impressed with the excellent customer service and I also appreciate the fast shipping and great care taken in packaging my order. It came to be a very nice ring at a very competitive price. I'm very much looking forward to making future purchases at

What Our Customers Say

It was a pleasure to make my ring with Emerald Whisper Jewelry, the prices are great, Mauricio was very attentive during the whole process and I really adore my ring every day, thank you so much!

What Our Customers Say

Thank you! Arrived today. Quality of the emerald better than expected. Very happy with the quality and workmanship. Very pleased. Its beautiful! Highly recommend! Thank you so much

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